Transportation Group

Marine transportation is a major focus of Andrie’s business in the markets we serve. Across the Great Lakes and throughout the Illinois and Mississippi river systems and beyond, Andrie transports a variety of cargo, including:

Major components of our transportation service features:

Andrie’s customer-driven philosophy focuses on efficiency and reliability and, above all, safety in providing environmentally responsible service to our clients.


Transporting petroleum products

Andrie’s fleet of vessels includes specialized double-hulled, heated barges to transport asphalt and heavy fuel oil to ports across the Great Lakes and Canada.


Transporting Cement

Expansion and growth throughout the Great Lakes region has increased the need for the transport of cement. Andrie has met that challenge and stands ready to provide product transportation on an ever increasing scale.


Vessel Management

Managing commercial vessel operations throughout the Midwest marine market is an Andrie center of excellence. We provide all necessary staff and experience for companies and ship owners who seek reliable vessel management services.


Lightering, Icebreaking and Dead Ship Towing

Andrie provides diverse lightering services as well as immediate icebreaking assistance for ships in need, including dead ship towing throughout the Great Lakes and beyond.

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